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Fixed construction waste recycling plant

Fixed construction waste recycling plant

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Construction waste


It is widely used in recycling construction waste.


Jaw crusher, impact crusher, air sifter, magnetic separator, feeder, etc.

Introduction of construction waste

Construction waste refers to the collective term for muck, waste concrete, waste masonry and other wastes generated during the production activities of people engaged in demolition, construction, decoration and repair.

After the recycling of construction waste, there are many types of recycled products, including recycled aggregates, commercial concrete, energy-saving walls, and non-fired bricks.

SANME can not only provide users with construction waste recycling solutions, but also provide a full set of construction waste treatment equipment. In addition, for noise reduction, dust removal and material sorting in the production process, a full set of noise reduction, dust removal equipment and a full gravity classification system can be provided. There are different solutions for different materials. If air separation and flotation are used, it is guaranteed High quality of the finished product. These products have been optimized and strengthened to achieve higher strength, better performance and more compact structure.

Main processing links of fixed construction waste recycling plant

Sorting process

Remove large debris from raw materials: wood, plastic, cloth, non-ferrous metals, cables, etc.

Iron removal

Remove the residual iron metal in the concrete block and construction waste mixture.

Pre-screening link

Remove sand from raw materials.

Crushing process

Processing large-sized raw materials into small-sized recycled aggregates.

The fixed construction waste recycling plant is composed of crusher, screen, silo, feeder, transporter, ventilation and dust removal equipment and control system. Due to the different raw material conditions and product requirements, there can be different combinations to suit different process requirements and different production scales.

Screening link

Classify recycled aggregates according to particle size requirements.

Light material separation

Remove large pieces of light material from raw materials, such as paper, plastic, wood chips, etc.

Reprocessing link

A variety of modular combinations can be used to produce a variety of green and environmentally friendly building materials such as recycled aggregate, commercial concrete, energy-saving walls, and non-fired bricks.

Features of fixed construction waste recycling plant

1. Complete production system is equipped for comprehensive management, it provides integrated control conditions for environmental protection, and effectively controls the production cost.

2. One-time installation and commissioning, it not only fulfills continuous production, but also saves the adjustment time for site moving.

3. Adequate spare parts can be provided to meet the need for continuous production.

Техническое описание:

1. Этот процесс разработан в соответствии с параметрами, предоставленными заказчиком. Эта блок-схема предназначена только для справки.

2. Фактическая конструкция должна быть скорректирована в соответствии с местностью.

3. Содержание бурового раствора в материале не может превышать 10%, и содержание бурового раствора будет иметь важное значение для производительности, оборудования и процесса.

4. SANME может предоставить планы технологических процессов и техническую поддержку в соответствии с фактическими требованиями клиентов, а также может разработать нестандартные вспомогательные компоненты в соответствии с фактическими условиями установки клиентов.

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